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Promotion of Integrated Farming systems

Paddy and Fish Cultivation Activity 

 Paddy cum fish farming activity for demonstration to farmers in Srikakulam district was initiated in the fields of Paila Ramarao, Chidapanipeta in Polaki Mandal and B.Nagabhushanarao in Arasavalli of Srikakulam rural mandal. Fish pond was dug in the 1/5 area and a bund was formed in the 1/5 area. Then the pond was filled with water and fish seed was dumped. In the remaining 3/5  field area, paddy is being cultivated. Banana plants were planted on bunds in the borders.  Vegetables and flowers are cultivated on the top of the bund. Poultry is being reared in a floating basket. The farmers are getting an income above Rs. 1 lakh per year from all sources of agriculture, horticulture, floriculture and poultry products.

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