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Access to Justice  for Children

Access to Justice

The programme has been launched on 30th May 2023 in Vijayanagaram District of Andhra Pradesh. It was launched with the support from Kailash Satyarthi children's foundation - USA. We are working for a world free of violence and abuse against children and where children are free, safe, healthy and educated. The programme has been initiated to address 3 core issues:

  • Child marriages

  • Child Trafficking/ Child Labour

  • Child Sexual Abuse.

The aims of the program are:

  • To conduct awareness programs in 150 selected grama panchayats in 15 mandals (Blocks) of Vijayanagaram district and see finally 150 grama panchayats would be declared child marriage free villages by the end of March 2024.

  • To sensitize parents and guardians on the bad impact of child marriages and take pledges from 2.25 lakh parents/guardians stating that they participate in this noble programme to end child marriages in their families and in the society. So that every girl child is safe, free and educated.

  • To free child labour from hazardous works and rehabilitate them by providing shelter, education and other basic eminities. To Stop Child trafficking and Provide Victims rehabilitation with the support of line departments of the district and extend possible legal support.

  • To provide legal support to victims of child sexual abuse and ultimately access to all kinds of support from Govt. departments.


We have been implementing the program activities in 15 out of 27 mandalams (Blocks) in the district during 2023-24.

At the end of December 2023, the following are the major achievements:

  • 40 child labour were rescued and freed from hazardous works. They were provided with 3 kinds of Rehabilitation i.e Social,Education and Economic.

  • 18 child marriages prevented with the support of line departments and children readmitted in schools and colleges in order to continue studies. 

  • 200877 pledges undertaken from parents/ guardians stating that to the extent that they would prevent child marriages.

  • 19 victims of POCSO cases were extended counselling support/ mental health support.

  • Mass event on 16th October 2023 on child marriage involving district level officers, mandal level officers, village level officers, women self-help groups, youth groups, panchayat bodies, students were conducted in 27 mandalams of Vijayanagaram district which was inaugurated by Mrs. S. Naga Lakshmi IAS, District Magistrate. Around 3.00 Lakh people were participated in Mass Rallies in the Forenoon session and candle rallies on the evening of 16th October 2023.

  • We were part of District Task Force Committee and conducted Child Labour/ Trafficking drives in the district during the Month of June, 2 days in August month, 3 days in September month, November 20th to December 10th, January 5th to 11th and rescued 40 Child Labour. They were given Rehabilitation support.


Our ultimate goal is to make vijayanagaram district child friendly district and see that every child would be accessed justice. We are thankful to the Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation and District Administration, Vijayanagaram for their relentless support to us for achieving the goal and objectives. 



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