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Youth Club of Bejjipuram is a secular, apolitical organisation founded by 20 elite and educated youth inspired by the Mahatma Gandhi philosophy of rural reconstruction through non-violence activities and Grama Swarajyam in the year 1980. The aim of the organisation is to infuse human values by serving the needy, downtrodden and underprivileged sections of the society.  It plans to achieve this by inculcating the culture of mutual cooperation, mutual aid, self-help, self-respect, as well as participation in decision making process to attain empowerment.

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To provide skills, knowledge and techniques to increase the capacities of people in rural areas and urban slums in order to enjoy their rights and choices and control the environment, resources and power by strengthening their institutional base.


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To facilitate the process of empower women, youth and deprived communities in the society by reducing their vulnerabilities, liberating them from oppression and exploitation through needful support.


To realize the Mahatma Gandhi dream of rural reconstruction by ensuring cent percent participation of people in the development process with enhanced knowledge, skills and right thinking by 2030

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