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What we Do

YCB stays close to the hearts of the communities and assesses the needs and potentials of the people in a participatory manner. 

Srikakulam district boardering to Odisha on its north is one of the poverty stricken districts of Andhra Pradesh from where we observe a lot of migration of disadvantaged communities to neighboring states and districts in search of livelihoods. Presently YCB works with  under privileged people living in rural areas of 19 mandals and urban slums of 3 municipalities in Srikakulam district. Further it has extended its services to Vizianagaran, Visakhapatnam and East Godavari according to  availability of funding sources during the last  10 years. 

YCB has developed resource teams in different sectors like community mobilization, community organization, entrepreneur  development, gender issues,  water conservation,  environment protection, sustainable agriculture, community health, rural sanitation and anti-trafficking.
YCB’s most promising approach is to promote and strengthen the community-based organizations with disadvantaged  communities like Artisans, High Risk groups, Farmers, Rural Women and Youth.

Initially YCB lay its emphasis on the basic needs of the village communities in erstwhile Ranasthalam Block in Srikakulam district of united Andhra Pradesh. YCB has been following the path laid by Swami Vivekananda and Master Ekkirala Krishnamacharya, and many saints of the present era for establishing good fellowship and ethical values among people.

Properly perceiving the needs of the target communities of the area, YCB focuses its efforts to strengthen the life support systems of the communities, by initiating need based interventions such as education, health, livelihood promotion, sustainable agriculture practices, environment protection, protection of rights and skill development.
Channelling the youth force to rural reconstruction, YCB has extended its sensible support to communities for their socio-economic empowerment during the last  40 years.


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