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CAT Program

25 Fisherman were identified under CAT program. Among them 15 Fisherman were Inland fisherman and 10 were marine fishermen.  They were sent to exposure visit to Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture (CIFA), ICAR Bhubaneswar for 3 days during 10th November to 12th November 2022.


They visited CIFA for 3 days under the leadership of Mr.S.Varamteja, CEO, Samridhi Sagara Mithra FPO. The expert faculty  Dr.G.Srinivasulu, Dr.V.Bhashkara Rao and Padmasree Bata Krushna Sahoo explained various Scientific methods and technologies to fisherman during these 3 days.

Fishermen observed Technical equipment and devices in CIFA.  Major learnings of the farmers are 1. Portable FRP CARP Hatchery [A1] technology 2. Ornamental Fish culture 3. Water level quality maintenance method 4. Water filtration techniques 4.


Virus infections and its control in Aqua culture 5. Use of water sanitizers and application of lime for control of parasites.   It is so useful to fishermen who are intern applying these techniques in  in farms and getting huge incomes

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