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Gogu kiranalu farmer producers company Limited

NABARD- APRO has extended support for promotion of Farmers Producer organization in farm sector to promote jute craft products and agriculture commodities. The FPO was registered under company Act 2013 during October 2016 named after Gogukiranalu Producer Company LTD. 1150 members contributed their shares up to Rs. 11.50 Lakhs. The business operations were continued with a capital investment of Rs. 49.00 Lakhs which was borrowed from NABKISIAN, a non banking finance company of NABARD.


As part of FPO programs, Rural Mart was Opened and run in Bejjipuram Junction beside national highway with the support of NABARD-APRO and facilitated marketing support to jute products, craft products and garments etc., manufacturing by FPO members, beneficiaries of LEDP and MEDP.


Marketing linkages were held with Business organizations, Government departments and Educational institutions. 2 Production Centers in Jute Crafts were established to provide regular production work to FPO members. Sales of seeds and fertilizers were done during the year after getting required licenses from department of agriculture. 

Mobile Rural Mart was sanctioned by NABARAD APRO and purchased Bolero van.It wasfacilitated to farmers to transport their agriculture produce to market

During the year FPO procured 239 Metric tons of Maize from members and sold to M/S Vizayanagara Bio.Tech pvt.Ltd, Kotha kopperla. The Civil Supplies Corporation sanctioned 13 Paddy Procurement Centers (Cluster RBKs) covering 42 RBKs during 2022 Kharif season to facilitate farmers sell their paddy produce to minimum support price.

The paddy procurement centers in 42 RBKs were successfully run by FPO and procured paddy from farmers enrolled in e-crop. 9Maize Procurement centers was sanctioned by APMARKFED in  Laveru and Etcherla Mandals during 2020 RABI season which was successfully run. Rs 91.88 Lakhs turnover was held and gained a profit of Rs  Lakhs.  It Secured “A” Grade according to NAB PORTAL Assessment. It has developed business tie up with Farmor Agro Solutions, Hyderabad, a start up Company and procuring Tarpalins and Electric Sprayers to facilitate farmers in the area


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