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Homeo Medical Services


This program was started during 1985 with a motto to Serve Rural people by extending free medical services. Homeo Services were continued during the past 36 years. This year also the clinic extended free medical services  rendered by Dr. P.S.Prabhakara Rao, DHMS, with the support of  The World Teacher Trust, Visakhapatnam which sswas founded by Kulapathi Ekkirala Krishnamatcharya and receiving global reputation under the dynamic leadership of its international chairman Master K. Parvathi Kumar.

The Master Homeo Vydyalayam runs once in aweek and extends medical services to patients by medical doctor, but first Aid services are available on all days. During the year 215 Families were provided with treatment for chronic diseases by Dr.P.S.Prabhakara Rao and first aid services were extended to 450 patients for animal bites, wounds and acute diseases.

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