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Participation in Exhibitions/ Melas

The artisans from Gogukiranalu FPO participated in several exhibitions condcuted by NABARD and Government Departments. They have participated in Independence day celebrations held in Srikakulam on 15th August, 2022. They particiapted Sikkolu Dwacra Bazaar organized by DRDA-IKP with the support of NABARD-APRO during 3rd Jan to 10th Janaury,2023. they have partcipated in District Level Exhibitions organized by NABARD in Ongolu during 30th Maay to 5th June,2022.

They have participated in Handloom Exhibition organized by NABARD at Nelluru during 7th  to 13th August,2022. They were given stalls in Railway Stations - Vizianagaram and Cheepurupalli under one India one Craft Program launched by Govt. Of India during 27th June,2022 to 11th July,2022.

 They display Jute Diversified products in these stalls and sold to customers. These exhibitions helped to sell the jute products and Handlooms products produced by Rural Artisans and SHG Members. Further it helped to provide wide publicity to these products.


Central vigilance commission awareness week was observed during 31st October to 6th November. During the week long awareness programes  around 2000 farmers in 3 FPOs taken oath “not to take bribe and not to offer bribe.” Awareness was created among farmers and rural people on the bad impact of corruption.

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