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Referrals and Linkages

Community Mobilisation

  • Mobilized 50 HRGs to participate in  World AIDs Day Event Organized by DM&HO.

  •  Conducted International Women’s Day. We  mobilized 50 FSWs to participate in the event and were felicitated

  •  Mobilized HRGs to Kalajata programs organized in 9 Mandals by DAPCU/APSACS

  • Mobilized 80 HRGs to Nutrition Programs organized in Narasannapeta,Rajam,Lolugu and Etcherla by Philonthrapic organizations . We mobilized 30 CLHIVs to receive Nutrition support extended by donors in TI Project Office, Srikakulam

Advocacy and Crisis Management

  • We conducted 16 Advocacy Meetings with Police, Health Department, Anganwadi workers and other Stake holders in 11 Mandals.

  •  We conducted 2 Legal Awareness Meetings with the support of DLSA, Advocates.

  • We solved 69 Crisis in various Hotspots

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