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Samridhi sagara mitra Producer Company

The Third FPO was sanctioned by NABARD authorities for Fishery activity. It was registered under company act 2013 during may 2020 named after Samridhi Sagara Mitra Producer company Ltd. 420 Members enrolled in villages - D.Matyalesam, Badivanipeta, Budagatlapalem in Etcherla Mandal and generated paid up share capital raised up to Rs. 3.67 Lakhs.


The business turnover is Rs. 17.38 Lakhs and net profit is Rs.0.17 Lakhs. The company stood in ‘A’ grade. The Company started Input business to facilitate shareholders inputs such as nets, ice boxes, gelalu, motor spare parts etc. with reasonable prices at their vicinity. A Franchisee shop opened in D. Matyalesam village.s

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