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Swakrushi Thrift Societies

Target Intervention Photo.jpeg

We have promoted 5 Swakrushi Thrift Societies in 5 Target Villages with the support of CDF – Warangal 5 which gained profits and fulfilling the consumption needs of Rural women and are under the monitoring of our NGO. In these 5 societies women members contributed savings up to which is being rotated by them for internal lending to its members both for consumption purpose and income generation.


The recovery in societies is more than 90 percent. The turnover of the societies was Rs.1.32 Crores. These societies are renewing its registration in the file of District Cooperative Registrar.Most of them started Mini Dairies, sheep rearing, vending of vegetables, petty trade. The Auditing of accounts of 5 Thrift Societies were successfully completed and filed returns in the file of District cooperative Registrar, Srikakulam.

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