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Tribal Welfare Scheme

Jal jeevan Hai Program- Village level meeting with farmers.jpg

We have identified 20 Tribal Beneficiaries in Gudem Godugulavalasa Tribal Village  in Laveru Mandal and formed them in to 2 Groups. We facilitated them to open savings account in DCCB- Ranastalam Branch. We have linked them with KVIC - Visakhapatnam Regional Office.They have given Training on Bee Keeping for one weak period by Technical Faculty of KVIC.


Further these beneficiaries were provided with Bee Boxes and Technical implements for Bee Keeping activity. Each group was provided with Honey extractor and Boiler.


Under the scheme each beneficiary got @Rs.50,000/- worth of equipment. They are earning @ Rs.6000 /- per month each with bee keeping and Honey extracting activity. 

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