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Upcoming Events

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Pastries - $4

Butter Croissant - $2.5

Coffee/Tea - $1

Fresh Juice - $2







He has 30 Years experience in Medical Field as Specialist in Obstetrics and gynaecology. Extending his expertise and experience in conducting medical Camps in Remote Rural Areas and extending medical Support to Women from Disadvantaged Families for the last 20 Years.Also extending his expert services for Planning and Implementation of Health Related Programs for TB/HIV/Cervical Cancer among Rural People.



M.Sc(Human Development),ML

She is a legal expert and practicing lawyer. She has worked as govt. pleader and extended legal support and guidance to a good number of women clients. She has been associated with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and conducting Yoga classes in Andhra pradesh. Under her dynamic leadership, YCB has been extending legal support to destitute women and creating awareness on domestic violence and POCSO Act 

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G.Appla Naidu

MA, B.Ed

He is Rtd. Government School Teacher. He has been associating with YCB for last 30 Years and extending support to implement Education related programs.He is extending his expertise for developing Modules, bridge Course Books and TLM

Dr.U.Kavya Jyotsna.jpg

Dr.U.Kavya Jyotsna

Master of Social Work (MSW); Ph. D

She is the HOD of Department of Social Work in Dr. B.R Ambedkar University - Srikakulam. She is the author of many books for sensitizing youth and women in addressing their social problems. She has presented papers in seminars, workshops, symposiums in many universities across India. She is the mentor of YCB and played a key role to implement collaborative programs with the university. Under her dynamic leadership, YCB has taken up programs to sensitize parents of girl children on social issues like child marriage, child trafficking, child abuse and gender equality. She has supported the YCB team in planning and proposal writing and evaluation of programs for the last 10 years.


E V Ramana Murthy

M.Sc(Agriculture),Specialization in Entomology, PG Diploma in Agriculture Expansion Management from MANAGE-Hyderabad

He is the Rtd. Joint Director of agriculture and Project Director of Agriculture Technology Mission. He is extending support to YCB for implementation of innovative programs in the agriculture sector. He is also extending expert services to conduct training and capacity building to farmers and federation of farmers. He is also the author of many books and papers on the agriculture sector.

P.Sateesh Nagendra.jpg

P.Nagendra Sateesh

Graduated in Fine Arts from Andhra University and Graduated in National Institute of Design - Ahmedabad

He is principal designer for M/s Kora Designs Collectives, Hyderabad. He has successfully conducted design projects on textiles in many states of India. Now he is extending support to the textile department of Andhra Pradesh for promotion of Khadi products. He has been associated with YCB for the last 15 years and conducted design development projects on jute crafts, bamboo crafts, leather puppet craft and Aadhivasi Savara craft. He has also promoted a good number of artisans as part of schemes supported by the Ministry of Textiles and NABARD. Under his dynamic guidance we have started the Khadi revival program and it is ongoing.


Initially YCB lay its emphasis on the basic needs of the village communities in erstwhile Ranasthalam Block in Srikakulam district of united Andhra Pradesh. YCB has been following the path laid by Swami Vivekananda and Master Ekkirala Krishnamacharya, and many saints of the present era for establishing good fellowship and ethical values among people.

Properly perceiving the needs of the target communities of the area, YCB focuses its efforts to strengthen the life support systems of the communities, by initiating need based interventions such as education, health, livelihood promotion, sustainable agriculture practices, environment protection, protection of rights and skill development.
Channelling the youth force to rural reconstruction, YCB has extended its sensible support to communities for their socio-economic empowerment during the last  40 years.


YCB stays close to the hearts of the communities and assesses the needs and potentials of the people in a participatory manner. 

Srikakulam district boardering to Odisha on its north is one of the poverty stricken districts of Andhra Pradesh from where we observe a lot of migration of disadvantaged communities to neighboring states and districts in search of livelihoods. Presently YCB works with  under privileged people living in rural areas of 19 mandals and urban slums of 3 municipalities in 

Srikakulam district. Further it has extended its services to Vizianagaran, Visakhapatnam and East Godavari according to               availability of funding sources during the last  10 years. 

YCB has developed resource teams in different sectors like community mobilization, community organization, entrepreneur        development, gender issues,  water conservation,  environment protection, sustainable agriculture, community health, rural sanitation and anti-trafficking.
 YCB’s most promising approach is to promote and strengthen the community-based organizations with disadvantaged                   communities like Artisans, High Risk groups, Farmers, Rural Women and Youth.

World Bank external team Headed by Mr. P
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