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Promotion of FPOs and  Enterprise Development

Gogu Kiranalu Producer Company Limited has successfully completed 3 years of tenure and received appreciation and extension of 2 years grant support from NABARD-APRO during  July 2020. It has 1000 members and shareholders and raised Rs.10 lakhs paid-up capital. Its business turnover crosses Rs.43 lakhs during 2019-20.

It has received equity grant support up to Rs.5 lakhs from NABARD and Rs.2 lakhs from NABKISAN. It has been running a marketing outlet alongside of National Highway-16 to provide marketing facility to rural artisans for their products like jute products, fine khadhi products, millets, paintings etc.


Gramasiri FPC is  promoted by our NGO with 289 Members and Rs.3.64 lakhs working capital. It is providing technical training to farmers on crop management of maize, millets , pulses, etc. . 

Farmers were given training and exposure to research centers in West Godavari and Vizianagaram districts with the support of Department of Agriculture, Srikakulam. 

Samridhi Sagara Mitra FPC  is promoted to facilitate fishermen in Budagatlapalem, Badivanipeta, D.Mayalesam Grama panchayats of Etcherla  mandal.


155 members were mobilized and Rs.1.55 lakhs paid-up capital raised. It was registered in the month of May,2020. The business activity is to be initiated. 


Livelihood and Entrepreneurship development Program  

NABRAD –APRO supported the undertaking training programs for women Self Help Group members in Laveru, Ranastalam, Etcherla, Ponduru and Rajam Mandals. So far 90 SHG women members have been trained on jute bag making and they started enterprises with the credit support of local banks. For marketing they were linked to Gogu Kiralu FPC and rural marketing outlets. 90 SHG women members were trained on spinning and weaving trades.


The desi cotton fibre cultivated by local farmers is being used to spun cotton yarn and the yarn is being used to make cotton fabric which is environment friendly and quite natural. Another 90 SHG women members are being trained on Applique and reverse Applique work and it is in progress.

World Bank external team Headed by Mr. Pavan, CITRA Bubhaneswar visited Santhavuriti Villa


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